Aspara river

The Aspara river originates in the western Tien Shan ranges on Kyrgyz territory, flows northwards and crosses the Kazakh border after about 10 km. The total length of Aspara river is more than 44 km and its catchment covers an area of approximately 66 km2. High water levels usually occur April to June along with the snow melt including occasional flood events.

The Aspara river basin belongs to Chu Oblast in the northwest of Kyrgyzstan and to Zhambyl Oblast in southern Kazakhstan. Several different nationalities live and work in the area. The population is growing rapidly and agriculture is increasing. In many localities particularly further downstream, water quality does not meet designated standards and sanitary standards. Waste water from households, industry, livestock as well as solid waste are regarded as main sources of pollution.

The project activities will be implemented in the Zhambyl Oblast of Kazakhstan and in the Chu Oblast of Kyrgyzstan. CAREC has a letter of principal interest from the State Committee of Kyrgyz Republic on Water Resources and Land Reclamation to consider projects in Aspara river.