Project “Harmonisation and Approximation of Water Standards and Norms in Central Asia”

Common information

Project funded by the European Union

Project implementedby Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia

Duration project: Project was extended till 30 April 2010

Region:Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.

Detailed description of project

Water is an extremely valuable resource in Central Asia. The majority of territory has an arid or semi-arid climate and irrigated agriculture comes to 85–90 % of total water consumption. The most challenging issue for Central Asia is water deficiency, and degradation of aquatic ecosystems. The Interstate Coordination Water Commission on general meeting 2005 determined the problem the next way: “the main problems of Trans-boundary Water Resources management in Central Asia are caused by the contradiction between interests of upstream countries  and downstream countries. Moreover Central Asia countries decided to develop a Partnership Agreement on harmonization of the legislation and normative base in the environmental area.

Aim of the project

1) Develop the national multi-sector institutional frameworks for harmonisation of water standards and norms with international agreements, including approximation of water standards to European Union Integrated Pollution Permitting and Control (IPPC).

2) Facilitate EUWI National Policy Dialogues regarding IWRM in Central Asian countries

Achieved results

- 4 national Surveys to review water quality standards and norms were conducted:

•    a classification of water bodies based on their uses;

•    a list of the essential pollution parameters to be regulated, and

•    related numerical values.

- 1 sub-regional Surveys to review water quality standards and norms was conducted.

- 4 national Multi-stakeholder Dialogue workshops were conducted

- 2 sub-regional Multi-stakeholder Dialogues on approximation of water standards were facilitated

-    4 national multi-stakeholder working groups and facilitate their regular discussions were established

-    Comprehensive 1 sub-regional proposals on the harmonization and approximation of standards and norm with the EU IPPC was developed.








Water Quality Standards and Norms in the Republic of Kazakhstanm (Download)








Water Quality Standards and Norms in the Kyrgyz Republic (Download)







Water Quality Standards and Norms in the Republic of Tajikistan (Download)

Water Quality Standards and Norms in Turkmenistan  (Download)