Project “Development of the Ili-Balkhash Basin Integrated Management Plan”

Project funded by European Commission –Brussels
Project implemented by Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia
Duration project: July 2005-January 2007
Country: The Republic of Kazakhstan; Chinese People’s Republic; Kyrgyz Republic

Detailed description of project

The Project has been implemented in Ili-Balkhash Basin (IBB), that includes 3 Asian countries: Republic of Kazakhstan; Chinese People’s Republic; Kyrgyz Republic. Total area is 413 thousand The basin houses a fifth of the country’s population, half of whom are villagers but because of increasing economic pressures and inefficient water use, the Ili-Balkhash ecosystems are under a real threat and the fate of Aral Sea could recur here as well.

Project aimed:

1) to develop and apply the Integrated Basin Management Plan, 2) create the coordination Platform, 3) enhance stakeholders management capacities, 4) raise stakeholders awareness

Achieved results

1. IBB integrated management plan accepted by the Government of Kazakhstan;
2. the set of statutory and justifying documents for IBB integrated development corporation;
3. draft trilateral international agreement on IBB(Kazakhstan, China and Kyrgyzstan) accepted by the Government of Kazakhstan as a legal basis for transboundary integrated management of IBB;
4. data base and baseline on IBB accessible for stakeholders
5. Well aware stakeholders and communities in IBB on integrated management needs and needed actions

Balkhas-Alakol River basin management plan
Project information brochure
Project Results



Summary Baseline Key Features and Characteristics of Ile-Balkhash Basin. Kazakhstan.