Project «Clean drinking water for rural communities in Kazakhstan»

CAREC Program “Clean drinking water for rural communities in Kazakhstan”

The program was financed by: the European Commission, the USA and Norway Governments, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany through the GIZ Program.

Timeframe: 2003-2010

Executive agency: Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia

Phases of the program:

  • Pilot approbation of the method in Almaty Oblast;
  • Duplication of experience and presentation of the method for all Oblasts of Kazakhstan;
  • Duplication of experience in all CA countries;

Over 60% of the population in CA lives in rural areas and villages, many of whom do not have centralized water supply systems. People have to use water from tanks which are delivered by car. However, in 2002 445 thousand people used that water. Many villagers use surface water and groundwater of poor quality.

Such water is unsafe foe consumption and often becomes a source of infectious diseases. Built in late twentieth century, 60-80% of the water system is physically worn out by now, it does not meet the technical and sanitary standards. Water-related diseases due to poor water quality occur particularly in summer and are common in rural areas. In 2002, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted a sectoral Drinking Water Programme for 2002-2010, which aims to improve access to potable water. At first, water supply systems have been reconstructed or newly constructed in cities and bigger villages.

Since 2003 the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (CAREC) has carried out the program “Clean drinking water for rural communities in Kazakhstan”. The objects of the Program are villages with the population of less than 1000 people, which were not included in the state programme «Drinking Water». For the period of the Program implementation, the water supply systems of 12 villages were reconstructed, 12 cooperatives of water owners were organized and more than 11,000 people got access to potable water.

Through the implementation of the Program, the water supply systems were reconstructed in following villages in Almaty Oblast: Algabas, Tenlik, 1st of May, Kopberlik, Beskainar, Konyr, 10 years of Kazakhstan, Kyzyltogan, Enbekshikazah, Mukry, Kenaral and Maulenbai.

Realization of the Program proved its effectiveness. All the water supply systems are in good condition, social conditions in the villages are improved.

There is a big interest from local authorities in the implementation of such kind of projects. The thankful letter and letter of interest from the Akimat of Koksu District of Almaty Oblast you could find here.


Methodological framework of this project is the methodology of the International Center for Environmental Finance (ICEF) for Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF), which is based on the principle of active involvement of local administrations and communities in implementing water projects under the two mandatory conditions listed below:
1. Construction of the operating body (in cooperation with water users) to ensure post-project operation of water systems.
2. Co-financing of the reconstruction:

  • 70% — the contribution of donors;
  • 20% — the contribution of regional or local government;
  • 10% — the contribution of population;

Project sustainability is ensured by close involvement of local residents and creation of water users cooperatives. Reconstructed water supply systems are transferred to the balance of newly established cooperatives.

Currently CAREC is looking for co-financing for continuation of this Program as well as its expansion in CA countries.

CAREC invites all stakeholders for cooperation – local residents, local authorities, NGOs, International organizations and businesses interested in providing access to clean drinking water in villages with the population of less than 1000 people.

If you are interested in cooperation with CAREC, please, contact the Water Initiatives Support Programme

There are 2 more villages in Koksu District, which water supply systems are in need of reconstruction:

  • Karatal village (population: 417 people)
  • Zharlyozek village (population: 1210 people)