CAREC 10th Anniversary

In July 2000, the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been ratified international agreement on working conditions of CAREC between the Republic of Kazakhstan, the European Commission and UNDP, which together with the CAREC Charter, was signed by the governments of Central Asia, EU and UNDP. According to the statutory documents (as amended in 2002 and 2003), CAREC is an independent, non-profit, non-political international organization.

CAREC has started its operations in 2001 after the transfer for the property the separate building by the Government of Kazakhstan to CAREC and the beginning of grant programs.

For 10 years, the activities of CAREC is effective where it’s needed to overcome a sectoral or administrative-territorial interests and the establishment of common objectives for the conservation of the environment and sustainable development. Providing a neutral platform for dialogue and free exchange of views, providing the necessary information and professional consultation and involvement of the public concerned are the main focus of our work. We perform demonstration projects for the implementation of efficient technologies or support for local environmental action plans are examples of distribution, no substitute for action and responsibility in this area of the enterprises, businesses, and local government institutions.

Over 10 years of CAREC stood many challenges today, continuing and planning new, it’s safe to say that failed to realize the full extent.

Throughout this time, CAREC has been closely involved in international processes. Such as the “Environment for Europe”, Environment and Development in the Asia-Pacific region, cooperation on transboundary waters, participated in the World Summit on Sustainable Development, etc.

Resolution (Download)