Promoting Replication of Good Practices for Nutrient Reduction and Joint Collaboration in Central and Eastern Europe

Project “Promoting Replication of Good Practices for Nutrient Reduction and Joint Collaboration in Central and Eastern Europe”

Сommon Information

Project donor: GEF

Terms of realization: 2009-2010

Executive agency in Central Asia: CAREC

Countries of implementation: Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, I.R. Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine

Target groups of the project: Ministries and agencies of environmental protection, ministries and agencies of agriculture and water resources, practitioners and farmers.


1. Accelerate the replication of successful nutrient reduction projects by identifying best nutrient reduction practices,
2. Demonstrate successful replication strategies,
3. Disseminate and promote best practices and replication strategies to practitioners and decision makers.

Expected results: 

1. Clearer understanding of ‘good practices and lessons learned’ experiences in nutrient reduction projects;
2. Enhanced knowledge of successful nutrient reduction replication strategies;
3. Increased efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge transfer and communications regarding nutrient reduction among water practitioners;
4. Efficient  and replicable project model;
5. Efficient monitoring, evaluation and a replicable project model.

Best practices:

  1. Best Agricultural Pollution Control Project
  2. Danube Regional Project Small Grants: The Reduction of Nutrient Pollution in the Danube Basin through the Promotion and Use of Good Agricultural Practices
  3. Establishment of a Basin Management Framework for the Integrated Management of the Tisza Transboundary River (Tisza MSP)
  4. Reduction of Nutrient Discharges
  5. The Baltic Sea Regional Project
  6. Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Project
  7. Developing a Model for Sustainable Water and Waste Management for Rural Areas in Bulgaria
  8. Integrated Ecosystem Management. Intervention 2: Reducing Environmental Impacts of Agriculture
  9. Sustainable Land Management Project
  10. Water Quality Protection Project
  11. Albania – Constructed wetland for NR in the waters of the Tirana River
  12. Best practices for water quality protection and replication
  13. Bulgaria – Wetland restoration and pollution reduction project
  14. Croatia -Agriculrural pollution control project
  15. Danube River – Boosting capacities for NR and transboundary cooperation
  16. Hungary – Szodrakos Creek program
  17. Moldova- Decreasing water pollution in the Prut River basin through BAP
  18. Poland – Rural environmental protection project
  19. Project highlights- Promoting NR best practices in CEE
  20. Romania – Agriculturalpollution control project
  21. Romania – Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control
  22. Russia, Estonia – Development and implementation of the Lake Peipsi-Chudskoe basin management programme
  23. Serbia- Cleaning-up Lake Celije from nutrients and sediments
  24. Serbia- Danube River enterprise polution reduction project
  25. Ukraine – BP for fertiliser reduction from agricultural lands in the upper Tisza basin