Caspian Green Pack (Coca-Cola and UNDP)

«Caspian Green Pack»

I. “Caspian Green Pack” – donors and partners:

  • Coca-Cola Company
  • United Nations Development Programme – UNDP

II. Developers and project partners:

  • CAREC, international consultants, the Green Pack development experts of the Republic of Kazakhstan – NGO’s: Coordination and Information Centre PA “EkoObraz”, PA “Otrazhenie”, NGO “EcoCentre”
  • Public Relations – NGO “EcoIdea”
  • Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of the Republic of Kazakhstan

III. Project target group:

  • Teachers and students of 11-15 years old of secondary schools of Kazakhstan
  • School directors, OIAT Methodists of Atyrau, Mangistau and Ural regions
  • NGO’s working in sphere of education and ESD

IV. Plans were drafted to promote the issues which are priority for the Caspian Region:

  • Adapting the CD ‘Green Pack for CA’ to priorities of the Caspian Region and development of a new resource namely:
    • Selection of the topics which are priority for the new resource ‘Caspian Green Pack’
    • Writing new topics for the ‘Caspian Green Pack’
    • Selecting new photos for the ‘Caspian Green Pack’
    • Writing and designing new dilemma games for the ‘Caspian Green Pack’
    • Developing a structure and design of the new CD-ROM ‘Caspian Green Pack’
    • Programming the new CD-ROM in Russian
    • Producing of CD-ROMs
  • Writing and publishing of the teacher’s manual with lesson plans in Russian and Kazakh languages
  • Developing and publishing of Dilemma game in Russian and Kazakh,
    Capacity building through workshops for educators, school teachers, methodologists from OIATs, NGOs, businesses, mass media and community of Atyrau, Mangistau and Uralsk oblasts and promotion of the ‘UNECE educators’ competencies for ESD’ documents and principles

V. The Project plans to deliver PR events:

  • Press conferences in the Caspian region and Astana with participation of famous scientists, water experts, ecologists, journalists, NGO’s and businesses.
  • Preparation and dissemination of newsletters, e-newspapers, publications in mass media.
  • Information support of CAREC and partners through e-news, web-sites, booklets, project, media packs