Sustainable CAREC: Sustainable office

Project “Sustainable CAREC: Sustainable office” is a comprehensive project portfolio comprising of the set of measures to develop and to integrate the sustainability culture and working environment in such organization as CAREC with the prospect to boost and replicate such practice in the whole Central Asia.

Project description

In 2008, the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) launched a project to make the sustainable, energy efficient and environment friendly office.

1. The first phase of the project was under implementation jointly with the GEF SGP and local private company “Centre on Energy Efficiency and Clean Technologies”. The latter has made the thermal diagnosis of the office building, prepared a feasibility study and implemented the technical part (installation of efficient windows, sealing, thermal regulation of heat supply, insulation of heating pipes, etc.).

2. The second phase of the project is being implemented at present time. It includes the electrical audit, being conducted by the company “Centre on Energy Efficiency and Clean Technologies”. The outcome of this phase is to provide no-break power supply, install energy efficient electrical gadgets.

The REC CEE, the CAREC’s partner, through continues and targeted activities has built strong expertise on climate change mitigation and adaptation policy and practices at the scale of Central and Eastern Europe and very keen to share such expertise with countries of ECCCA and other regions. To get detailed information, go to www…………………

Project partners and donors

  • CAREC;
  • REC CEE;
  • GEF SGP;
  • Private Company “Centre on Energy efficiency and Clean Technologies”;
  • Tenants of office premises in CAREC’s building

Evaluation and monitoring frameworks

Monitoring and cost benefits analysis is planned for 2009. Moreover, CAREC is planning to go further and in collaboration with the GEF SGP to install solar water heaters to cover needs in hot water during the non-heating season and PVs for power reservation for security needs.

The progress

The project output is sustainable and energy efficient CAREC (office) that is operational and serving as a show room demonstrating the energy efficient, low carbon, and renewable energy technologies and office energy management, energy consumption reduction and energy saving options.

Future prospect

Construction of new energy efficient and environment friendly conference hall is in future prospect. It is planned be built on application of the integrated building design (bioclimatic architecture, use of external and internal thermal insulation, PVs and solar water heating systems, energy efficient boilers, energy saving lamps, etc.) and the appropriate energy management of the facility.

Development of recommendations on further dissemination and replication of the positive experience gained by the organization is to be done.