Country offices


Representative CAREC present in four Central Asian countries – Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. The country office is guided by the norms of international law, the legislative acts of the country where the branch. In accordance with the Charter of the CAREC primary objective is to assist the REC branch state agencies, local governments, NGOs and all stakeholders in addressing environmental problems in Central Asia at the regional level.

Country offices to help in the exchange and dissemination of information on environmental protection and sustainable development, provides access to national and international databases in the environment, using existing structures and mechanisms. In addition, country offices carry out activities aimed at drawing attention to environmental issues and promotes regional cooperation among governments, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations.

The main task is to represent the country offices of the CAREC four Central Asian republics and to fulfill the mission of CAREC in accordance with the Charter and the Statute of CAREC country offices.

CAREC country offices promote co-operation on all (local, national, regional and international) levels between governments, ministries, agencies, businesses, NGOs and other interested organizations. Such cooperation contributes to the process of solving problems related to environmental issues and sustainable development, natural resource management and creating conditions for constructive dialogue, cooperation and coordination mechanisms.

To achieve the stated objectives of the CAREC country offices must perform the following tasks :
  • participate in regional and national programs and projects CAREC
  • is a service center in Kyrgyzstan for those who are interested in solving the problems of environmental protection and sustainable development
  • support initiatives aimed at improving the environment and sustainable development, promotion of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) and increase ecological awareness inhabitants of the republic
  • search for donors to support the development of offices CAREC in the CD and its programs and projects
  • conduct seminars and trainings for representatives of NGOs, government agencies and business representatives who are ready to support environmental activities, etc.
* Country Office (CO) Kyrgyzskoy Republic was established in 2001 in Bishkek.
* Country Office in Tajikistan was established in 2002 in Dushanbe.
* CAREC country office in Uzbekistan was established in 2003 in Tashkent.
* Currently, CAREC in Turkmenistan is represented in the form of a project office in Ashgabat.
* From 2014 country office in the Republic of Kazakhstan was established which is represented in the form of project office in Almaty.